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Last updated on 06 19 2010
We would like to introduce to you the most
important part of Mr. Dai Zhongguang’s
paintings – paintings depicting Bouyei and
Miao ethnic minorities living in Guizhou
Province in southwest China.

We offer some of the painter’s recent works,
aswell as photos taken by the painter on his
trips to southern China and depicted in his
works.We hope to share with you the
painter’s fond memories of his hometown.
A combination of materials is expected to
illustrate the feelings of the painter in his

work – the true feelings in his heart that
are beyond words.We also hope to help
you learn more about the ethnic
minorities depicted in the paintings

Everybody has a hometown.
Everybody’s memory of his
or her hometown contains
dreamlike, passionate and
beautiful fragments.

Shepherdess series. 更多More>>>

        Ethnic Minority Series                     painter      
          Some people consider me a realist
specialized in painting ethnic
minorities. I do not agree,
because I am interested in
human beings, rather than local
customs. I paint what I want
to paint - a feeling, a passion
for ethnic minorities, and an
indescribable train of thoughts.
In my paintings I try to express
the inner feelings of images.

Bouyei and Miao nationality series.更多More >>>

The costumes of the Buyi
nationality are simple and
          Ethnic minority figure series.
      Ethnic Minority Series     painter        
        Girls of Miao
have unique
and beautiful


          Nude Series         painter        
            Lights and colors on
the nude female body
in the paintings
enhance the viewer’s
appreciation of art.
            Nude Series 更多More>>>        
          painter               戴仲光老作品主题专栏      
          A focus on a particular theme and set
of techniques is the secret of many
successful painters. But it gives a
lot of joy to try,once in a while,
some new themes and techniques.
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The painter uses models in his
works of art. Here are some
photos of his models.

          The painter and his friends
traveled to southwestern
China in search of images
for his art. These scenes
were depicted in his
landscape series.更多More>>>
Painter’s Travel Photos      
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